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Nicolas Hornyak is a writer based in Jersey City, NJ. A graduate of the Lilly Lieb Port Creative Writing Program at Purchase College, his first novel underwent significant development as his senior project. A year later, Aimless Sky is set to come out on September 1, 2016, even as he works on the sequels for the Flooded Earth Trilogy.

On the side, he writes short stories and novellas, and the occasional poem or two. His poem, “Ice,” was published in the literary journal, Italics Mine, in 2015, and his short story, “Freedom,” debuted online on Needle in the Hay. He was also selected for inclusion in the Czocha College Anthology, a book of short stories inspired by Harry Potter and the world-famous College of Wizardry larp, organized by Reptilian Publishing.

When he isn’t writing, he is a hobbyist musician and a game designer. When he isn’t working, Nico is either reading a book, the internet, or playing video games. Outside of the house, he can be found larping, playing Pokemon Go, and teaching science to hundreds and hundreds of kids.


Paperback Front Cover - Digital File - 300dpiOfficially released on September 1,2016, the world of Aimless Sky underwent development for five years, beginning life as a set of short stories before its reboot as a YA science fiction novel. The coming-of-age tale about a bisexual man in a world after a global warming catastrophe, it peaked at #14 on Amazon’s list of LGBT science fiction e-books.

Aimless Sky is available now on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.




Hexblood Tales Vol 1 - 1The long-awaited anthology, Hexblood Tales: Volume 1 from Reptilian Publishing came out in 2016 to honor the players of the successful College of Wizardry larp. It features Nicolas Hornyak’s “The Duel at High Noon,” a short story about a legendary feud of the late 1700’s, during the end of the American Revolution.

Hexblood Tales: Volume 1 is available now, directly from Reptilian Publishing.

(Please keep in mind that Reptilian Publishing is based in Europe, and as such, all prices are in euros.)

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